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Bearded Dragons and Reptiles. information shared by owners, hobbyists and veterinary professionals.

The Beginning:


       I acquired my first dragon through an ad on my local Craig's List. I paid $90.00 for a 6 month old female and an extra $30.00 for her 40 gallon breeder tank.

       I did research on Bearded Dragons BEFORE I purchased her. 

The first piece of information I wanted was LIFESPAN! Many people rush to get the latest craze in animals, and don't take the time to know their lifespans!  I NEVER take the word of just ONE source. ALWAYS spend time to research MANY different sources.I knew that I could make a 10 year commitment, and I bought her. I NEVER had a reptile before in my life! Well....that 6 month old bearded dragon is now 6 years old, and her name is Daisy Juanita. 

  I fell in love with little Daisy Juanita, and that started my love of lizards, in particular bearded dragons. I dedicate this site to my dragons (and reptiles), the joy and the love they have brought into my life. I will post information about Bearded Dragons, and other lizard/reptile friends. I post only from real life experience and proven research.

           I hope you enjoy this site, and I also hope that you participate and share. Remember if we ALL share our experiences we can learn so much. Knowledge is POWER! (It also helps us care for their needs a lot better!)

God Bless,


My Goal

My Goal is to gather all of the information I can about Bearded Dragons and other reptiles. No one knows dragons and other reptiles better than their owners/keepers and their medical professionals. I hope that this site can become a "hub" where owners and dragon and reptile lovers can come for help and education about the species.


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